About Us

So, you want to know a bit more about us...

Jopizale Ltd, was started by Jonathan Higgins in 2010. Having been in the IT industry since 2000 in conjunction with his brother, Jonathan felt with a move from the Worcestershire area to the now West Berkshire base, it was time to stretch his wings and start afresh, and hence Jopizale was born.

Jonathan originally was trained as an electrician, and then headed off to Loughborough University where he achieved degree in Civil Engineering. While at Loughborough University, he was asked to 'update' the departments web site, and thus started a new career direction.

Jopizale is the lead programming team behind MERIT - The International Construction Buisness Game. While MERIT is at the core of Jopizale, we also take on other work from creating and maintaining web sites, to installing networks and broadband connections, along with computer applications development.






Jopizale Ltd.

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